This code:

  ContentDeliveryService cds = new ContentDeliveryService(...);
  Page itemPage = cds.Pages.Where(page => page.ItemId == itemId).Single();

Returns a page with zero ComponentPresentations (even though I know it has two). Somehow, I need to do something like:


so that the returned Page will have its ComponentPresentations field populated.

What is the right syntax for this?

Thanks for your help....

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Do something like this

var cp = (from item in service.ComponentPresentations.Expand("Component") select item)
           .Where(item => item.Component.Title == "YOUR COMPONENT TITLE")
  • Forgive me, perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see how that code sample helps. In my case, I do not know the "item.Component.Title", because I do not know the identity of the component(s) belonging to the page. Given that I know nothing about the component presentations belonging to a page, how do I find them? It seems like this is supposed to work by accessing the Page.ComponentPresentations field, but in these OData API's is it always null. What is the workaround, how can I find the ComponentPresentations that belong to a Page, when I know nothing about the ComponentPresentations? Jul 1, 2013 at 16:04

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