We have implemented Storage Extension in Tridion Deployer to push the content to a thrid-party storage. This third-party storage has got a requirement to capture the name of the user who publishes/unpublishes the content.

Our Tridion Template adds the user info to the published content. As Template gets executed while publishing and published content itself includes the user info, third-party storage gets the info needed. However no Template is executed while unpublishing. If I check the transport package created while unpublishing, it doesn't have any information about the user who unpublished.

How can I get "user who unpublished" in Storage Extension?

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As you've realized, this cannot be achieved using templating. If you wish to do this this way, you will need to use a different extension point, namely ITransportPackageHandler. See my TDS presentation for more information here.

But... why don't you do this on the CM side? Make use of the Event System and the SetPublishStateEventArgs class. This is only executed on successful publishes, so you only need to check whether it's unpublish. Additionally, this has the Publisher property which is the user who initiated the transaction.

  • Thanks Atila. It helps. Jun 27, 2019 at 7:38

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