We have a requirement with a client where they have 2 webapps, one DXA and the other non-DXA using content from the same publication on the CM (Web 8.5). So currently I have setup 2 deployers as MIRROR through the same Discovery service, where one publishes to the Broker DB and the second one publishes to the File System. The requirement is just to have the Binaries (Multimedia) published to the file system for the non-DXA webapp.

<Role Name="DeployerCapability" Strategy="MIRROR">
           <Url DestinationName="Broker" Value="http://server.url:1234/httpupload"/>
           <Url DestinationName="FileSystem" Value="http://server.url:5678/httpupload"/>
       <Property Name="encoding" Value="UTF-8"/>

I have setup the 2 deployers on the same server. Each of these deployers have separate Content Queues, Temporary Directories, and log locations but they share the message queue.

Deployer 1 cd_storage_conf.xml - ItemTypes tag:

<ItemTypes cached="false" defaultStorageId="brokerDB">
        <Item cached="false" storageId="brokerDB" typeMapping="Binary"/>
        <Item cached="false" storageId="brokerDB" typeMapping="Page"/>    

Deployer 2 cd_storage_conf.xml - ItemTypes tag:

<ItemTypes cached="false" defaultStorageId="publishedFiles">
        <Item cached="false" storageId="publishedFiles" typeMapping="Binary"/>
        <Item cached="false" storageId="publishedFiles" typeMapping="Page"/>

So after this setup, when I publish items from the CM, I can see that the content is published to the file system and the broker DB, because I can see the image files in the actual file system on the server and I can also hit the content service API with the url http://contentserviceurl:1234/client/v2/content.svc/Components(ItemId=56789,PublicationId=4)/ComponentPresentations

But on the CM side in the publishing queue, the task is either stuck in Waiting for Deployment or Deploying. It sometimes goes to Success but rarely. enter image description here

Is there something I am missing? Is it because the deployers are setup on the same server? What could be causing this issue?

EDIT: Checked the Event System on the server and here is what I see on one of the logs enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Can you set the deployer in debug and check if the incoming folders of the deployers are receiving the packages and if the worker process are moving them correctly? If they do, can you also NOT share any queues between them? Have you also checked with SDL for hotfixes with a mirrored setup? Alternatively, have you considered writing a storage extension for this requirement. Looks to be straight forward with a storage extension :). – Shiva Jun 24 '19 at 15:31

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