We are planning to migrate from Tridion 2013 to Tridion Site 9. Is there any script that we can run to migrate the CM and Broker to Site 9?

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Upgrade to Sites 9 is supported from SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1 (Hotfix Rollup 1), as stated in the SDL docs: https://docs.sdl.com/LiveContent/content/en-US/SDL%20Tridion%20Sites-v1/GUID-00D51AA4-1E17-4466-9183-F5F4932E553C

Make sure you've SP1 HR1 on top of you your existing version of Tridion 2013.

Upgrading to SDL Sites 9 from Tridion 2013 would require a great deal of planning for handling CD side of the upgrade, for example MicroServices and TopologyManager.

I would suggest to thoroughly study the upgrade part in the SDL docs: https://docs.sdl.com/LiveContent/content/en-US/SDL%20Tridion%20Sites-v1/GUID-E6995D0C-804C-4399-8EB1-044E64C33A12

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