According to the documentation to install in-process APIs, it is necessary to install both the lib folder and the config folder and their dlls inside the \bin folder of the .NET web application. The problem is that we have several .NET applications and automatic deployment of them, which forces us to centralize these files and dlls in a single external route. Is it possible to install these API files in a unique and different path to the /bin folder of the .NET Web application?


Yes, It's possible, I have used in the past,

Alternatively, you can use to setup TRIDION_HOME (pointing to the SDL Tridion home directory) is set on this machine, do the following:

  1. Create an environment variable TRIDION_HOME in your web app server and point to folder eg: D:\Tridion\
  2. Copy the config and lib folders to D:\Tridion\
  3. Configuring the JVM for the legacy API (in-process) Server Role running in a .NET Web application
  4. In your web app ensure to keep the Tridion in-process DLLs based on your setup 64-bit or 32-bit correct assembly, this setup not required to keep lib and config folders under bin folder in your web app.

I did a test on sites 9.0 and it's working so I hope it will work in 8.5 too.

I hope it helps

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