Is it possible to get the URL of pages where a dynamic component has been used, i.e. to resolve a URL at run time of a dynamic component.

Here is the exact scenario which I am referring to in my solution. https://tridion.stackexchange.com/a/7803/2948

Detailed Question: A schema with a dynamic component templates i.e. CT(Allow on Page Using Dynamic Assembly), I want to generate a list of such dynamic component with a url redirecting user to its detail page(with static CT).

Progress Till now: Created a list of dynamic component, but without URL.

Need to have a way where user can go to the detailed page where a particular dynamic component has been used

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    Have you tried using CD Linking APIs to resolve the Component IDs to Page URLs? Aug 13, 2019 at 20:04

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For those having similar issue:

using Sdl.Web.Common.Configuration; //namespace for SiteConfiguration
string UrlOfDynamicComponent=string.Empty;
string TCMURI= "tcm:" + WebRequestContext.Localization.LocalizationId + "-" + ComponentURI;
UrlOfDynamicComponent = SiteConfiguration.LinkResolver.ResolveLink(TCMURI); 
UrlOfDynamicComponent =string.Empty;

The string returned will be a url(if found any) or a null string.

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