We have the following situation:

  1. a Component "New Component" is is added to 2 Pages paired with a static CT: "Home" and "New Page"
  2. on the Home Page, the Component is within a Region; on the New Page it is not
  3. both Pages are published
  4. when publishing (or clicking the Show Items To Publish on) the Component itself, both Pages should be resolved but they're not! Only the one where the Components is not in a region is

See image below: enter image description here

We have applied the "CM_9.0.0.13374" hotfix, see below, but this does not fix our issue. I am raising a ticket to SDL support, but I'm wondering, has anyone encountered this already and is a fix already available?

ResolveContainingPages() method in TOM.NET and CoreService API does not return Pages where Component Presentation is used if it was added inside the Region. 'View on Site' button was not working properly due to this problem.


CM_9.0.0.13932 is also applied, but still the same behavior.

  • There is another hotfix in this area: CM_9.0.0.13932. Its description says "Resolving of Dynamic Component Presentations (DCP) works only for DCPs on the page; DCPs on nested regions are not resolved." Although it mentions dynamic component templates, you can give it a shot and check if it fixes the issue above.
    – AntonM
    Aug 16, 2019 at 10:22
  • I forgot to update the question, we have tried that already, but still no luck.
    – Atila Sos
    Aug 16, 2019 at 15:40

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Confirmed by SDL support as a bug. I will update this answer when the hotfix is released.

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