I have subscribed to an event as below in the Tridion Event system and when I try to debug the code the break point is not getting hit.

EventSystem.Subscribe<Page, PublishOrUnPublishEventArgs>(OnPagePublishOrUnPublishPost, EventPhases.Initiated);

I have tried subscribing to the following event as well but this too not working.

EventSystem.Subscribe<Page, PublishEventArgs>(OnPagePublishPost, EventPhases.Processed);

When I tried the Save event of page that is working correctly. The Following code is working correctly.

EventSystem.Subscribe<Page, SaveEventArgs>(OnPageSavePost, EventPhases.Processed);

How can I debug this issue?

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In case of publishing Events, I noticed that some areas are hosted by the TcmPublisher.exe process and other ones by the TcmServiceHost.exe process. I would attach both processes to be sure my code will stop in the break point.

Also make sure your local dll/pdb and deployed dll/pdb files are for the same code version.


Have you tried attaching to the TcmPublisher.exe process? You need to attach to this process for publish events (whereas Save is a GUI event, so uses a different process, which depends a bit on what version of Tridion you are using).

  • Hey I tried By just adding TcmPublisher.exe, But It didn't worked for me Tridion2011 SP1. But When when I attached both TcmServiceHost.exe and TcmPublisher.exe , It worked for me.
    – AlokBhatt
    Commented Jul 1, 2013 at 15:23

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