When we try this page http://csei.sdl.com/hotfixes/ we see a console error when searching and nothing in the list of results:

angular.js:11442 GET http://csei.sdl.com:8081/search?htype=c&q=sdl net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I know there is an FTP containing all hotfixes but we'd have to download them all to see the README files.

My question is "where can I find a list of SDL hotfixes and their contents?"


On that page. Page works, but not always. It also doesn't work on mobile devices and maybe androids. For me Mozilla + Windows works: enter image description here

Update to my answer. It seems like http://csei.sdl.com:8081/search?htype=c&q=sdl is not accessible. This is the feed containing all hotfixes, so try to retrieve only that and use it. Maybe your VPN client is disabling it, or your connection is not secure.

  • Thanks. I tried Chrome, FF, IE on Mac and Windows, same problem. I wonder if you need to be authenticated at some level. – Jonathan Primmer Nov 13 '19 at 8:26
  • maybe, but I doubt it. you should try accessing csei.sdl.com:8081/search?htype=c&q=sdl because it has all the data. – Marko Milic Nov 13 '19 at 11:50
  • Thanks a bunch, turns out my VPN was blocking it – Jonathan Primmer Nov 13 '19 at 21:54
  • Great. It was probably blocked because of 8081 port – Marko Milic Nov 13 '19 at 22:02

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