During setup of DXA 2.2 and execution of cms-import.ps1 there is the following error enter image description here

Checked what is happening with http://localhost/webservices/CoreService201701.svc and it works ok, running http://localhost/webservices/CoreService201701.svc?wsdl there is

<wsdl:port name="basicHttp" binding="i0:basicHttp">
<soap:address location="https://{SERVERNAME}/webservices/CoreService201701.svc/basicHttp"/>

Placing https://{SERVERNAME} as cmsUrl during execution of script, following error shows enter image description here

Any idea why this fails?

  • Did you install the Tridion Powershell Core services module? if yes what version, 2nd error message could be related to a certificate can you try with servername? – Velmurugan Jan 10 at 13:45
  • The user which you trying to run Powershell command has admin rights in the SDL Tridion Sites, right? – Velmurugan Jan 10 at 13:49
  • No, I haven't installed PowerShell core service module. Yes powershell command was run with user which has ADMIN rights both on the machine and in SDL Tridion Sites – Ljiljana Eric Jan 10 at 13:57
  • can you try with http with servername? – Velmurugan Jan 10 at 14:27
  • Tried several options, with http and https, servername, dns name, etc. During installation of DXA 2.0 on Web 8.5 didn't have this kind of issue. Only difference in installation steps is that https was setup after installation of DXA but now it is setup before DXA – Ljiljana Eric Jan 10 at 14:34

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