I am trying to do graphql client call using postman, but i am getting Validation error

Validation error of type WrongType: argument 'contextData.type' 
with value 'StringValue{value='STRING'}' is not a valid 'ClaimValueType' @ 'page'

we are using DXD 11.1, could someone please help/advise me what could be possible problem here

my grapql query is

    page(pageId: 31319, namespaceId: 2, publicationId: 84323, 
    contextData: {
        value:"{\"PRODUCTID\":\"P199999}"}) {

            rawContent(renderContent: true) {


Per the error and this example in the documentation, the argument contextData.type probably isn't a valid ClaimValueType.

Perhaps you meant type: STRING instead of type:"STRING"?

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