We have a requirement where we need to restrict publishing of certain Keywords of a Cateogry, for only 1 local site.

All Category/Keywords are created in 100 Schemas level, (so they are inherited for all brand sites as well as all local sites).

1 solution is to put a metadata Schema on the Keyword - and read the metadata field value when retrieving the taxonomy list.

Do we have any other way to restrict publishing of some Keywords for local sites?

Note: Our solution makes use of Taxonomy for providing dropdown options on the website.

Earlier, we were fetching Category/Keywords from Content store using TaxonomyFactory, but now publishing Category/Keyword tree as JSON (reading them in C# TBB and composing the JSON). So adding Keyword metadata, would be a good solution for this requirement.

Kindly suggest if there is any other better way.

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I agree that using metadata on each (presumably, localised) keyword and then filtering these out with your C# TBB would be a reasonably elegant and maintainable solution.

Alternatively (and depending on your requirements!), you could also use a naming convention on the keyword value (e.g. Prefix the keyword's Value field with something like "HIDE - "), but keep the Key the same, for the ones you want to omit and filter these out in the TBB. This would have the advantage of being immediately visible in the CME GUI.

Image of keyword value change

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