Navigation in Tridion has been created using Structure Group.Tried to fetch navigation content using /api/navigation/{localizedId} but returning page not found error.

Can someone please help on this?

  • Did you publish the navigation page from the CM? Apr 28 '20 at 18:50
  • Thanks for quick response. Tried publishing the page but it’s still comes with same error. Can I know the end point exposed by the content manager to fetch navigation content. Tried with below url end points: 1. /PageModel/Tom/{localizationId}/navigation.jdon 2. /api/navigation/{localization I’d} but none of them returning response. Can you please provide inputs Apr 29 '20 at 9:27
  • @NandaKishore: Welcome to Tridion stackexchange, please update which version of tridion sites? and ,net or java? Did you installed dxa modelservice? if yes, Is it a inprocess modelservice? Did you register modelservice endpoint to discovery-registeration? pleaes provide bit more details what exactly are you tring to do? for example exaplain bit more context about your setup example I was trying to setup sites 8.5 + DXA 2.0 OOTB somethink like that. Is there any error in your webapplication logs? please refer to this tridion.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-ask
    – Velmurugan
    Apr 29 '20 at 11:15
  • Thanks Velmurugan. Please find more details.We have already a tridion setup with dxa 2.0 ,SDL web 8.5. We are building an api that makes a calls to model service and able to get page content(I.e for homepage,products etc) in jdon format. We have a navigation page already created in tridion portal and able to preview in Json format. We have all this ready but not able to get navigation content. Tried with above mentioned URL formats but not able to. Can you please guide us how to make a call to the navigation page to pull the content. Thanks again for quick response Apr 29 '20 at 11:54
  • Check the basics? Is it published? Does it show in the database? Anything else in logs?
    – Velmurugan
    Apr 29 '20 at 14:18

URLs like /api/navigation/xyz form the so-called on-demand Navigation API.

This API can only be used when the Dynamic Navigation Provider is configured. This provider uses Taxonomy-based navigation.

See https://docs.sdl.com/LiveContent/content/en-US/SDL%20DXA-v10/GUID-5301172A-8A79-4F7E-B832-8510135A7EA8

  • Thanks for answer. DXA Model Service is configured with Dynamic Navigation Provider. As per the documentation i tried with 1) /api/navigation/{localizationId} which is giving 404 not found and 2)api/navigation/{localization}/subtree --> List all taxonomy Id's. But my requirement is i want to get all navigation url's defined for each page within the publication. Please help me out. Besides to above query,Can you please help like what are the different ways to fetch navigation url's for the requested publication for dynamic Navigation. Can you please help out with right approach. May 12 '20 at 10:59
  • Please check the documentation topic for examples and explanation of the API. Your requirement sounds like you want to retrieve the entire navigation Taxonomy. This can be achieved with descendantLevels=-1. Also note that the DXA Model Service is not a public API. May 12 '20 at 17:33

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