I have a similar "e is not a constructor" error Saurabh ran into but I'm not upgrading, my extension is new for this client.

enter image description here

NB - I've turned minification off hence the above screenshot shows a slightly different error.

The odd thing is it seems to be only triggered when I add the following Xml:

enter image description here

If I remove this and just leave and empty <ext:ribbontoolbars /> the error goes away and my GUI loads correctly.

I have a command defined:

enter image description here

And a resource group:

enter image description here

Which both seem correct. Anyone recognise this error or offer any tips on tracking down the issue?

My ribbonbar element looks OK so I'm suspicious this is not the real root cause.

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Spotted the error - wrong type attribute!

<cfg:file type="style">{ThemePath}/js/ExportUserListToCsvCommand.js</cfg:file>

Should be:

<cfg:file type="script">{ThemePath}/js/ExportUserListToCsvCommand.js</cfg:file>


  • Glad you found the issue. Please accept your own answer so the question becomes closed :).
    – Atila Sos
    Commented May 20, 2020 at 13:08

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