We're currently upgrading and SDL 9.1 environment, and we are creating the Topology Mappings for a series of Publications.

We have found that the commands add-ttmmapping, add/set-ttmwebsite etc. are very slow (and sometimes even resulting in timeouts).

After some debugging, it looks like the Discovery Service is the blocking factor. Setting the debugging on shows that one add-ttmmapping command takes about 69 seconds to be processed by the Discovery Service. It looks like the Discovery Service is looping through all Websites/WebApplications that are registered in the Topology, resulting in a fairly poor performance.

Is this expected behavior, or is there a configuration issue or a bug?

  • Do you have many websites/webapps and/or mappings for that CD Environment? May 25, 2020 at 20:14
  • yes, there are indeed a large number of sites registered. When going through the debug log, it looks like the discovery service is looping through all of the created mappings/websites May 25, 2020 at 20:18

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After some debugging, we finally found that the database server was provisioned in a different datacenter, causing some latency. Since the discovery service is making a lot of database calls for one request (especially if you have a lot of publication mappings/websites), this latency (even very small latency) adds up and causes a long wait time.

Moving the database server to the correct datacenter caused requests to become normal again.

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