Post content sync from PROD to stage we are facing ORA-01403: no data found error for Stored Procedure "EDA_ITEMS.READ_ITEM"

A database error occurred while executing Stored Procedure "EDA_ITEMS.READ_ITEM". ORA-01403: no data found ORA-06512: at "TRIDION_CM.EDA_ITEMS", line 1136 ORA-06512: at "TRIDION_CM.EDA_ITEMS", line 1315 ORA-06512: at line 1


This looks like something you should take up with your Oracle DBA. IF there's "no data found", it seems likely that your "content sync" hasn't gone well.

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  • Yes @Dominic Looks like the procedures are not properly imported. We have asked our DBA to take a fresh clone of CM database and import to our stage environment. – krishna garikapati Jul 9 at 10:46

The issue fixed after redoing the content sync.

we checked and found procedures are missed. SELECT * FROM ALL_OBJECTS WHERE OBJECT_TYPE IN ('PROCEDURE') and OBJECT_NAME like'%ITEM_READ%';

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