I have a list of Embedded Schema objects that I want to be able to reorder, add, and remove in the list in XPM.

I cannot find any examples of the correct DxaPropertyMarkup to be able to do this.

@if (item.calltoaction.Count > 0)
    <ul class="unstyled">
        @foreach (EmbeddedCallToAction calltoaction in item.calltoaction)

            <li @Html.DxaPropertyMarkup(() => item.calltoaction)>
                <a class="@htmlClasses" href="@link" target="@target" title="@title" @Html.DxaPropertyMarkup(() => calltoaction.externallink)>
                    <span @Html.DxaPropertyMarkup(() => calltoaction.label)>@label</span>


To get the add, remove, reorder functionality for multivalue properties, you must use the DxaPropertyMarkup method with an index. For multivalue "embedded properties", this should wrap all individual property markups.

@Html.DxaPropertyMarkup(() => Model.MultiValueProperty, index)

In your example, the following line needs to be modified:

<li @Html.DxaPropertyMarkup(() => item.calltoaction)>

As a reference, there is an example in the Core module here (line 15).

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