As part of a data-migration script, I need to be able to rollback a Component to a previous (known) version. How do I do that using the Coreservice (sites 9.0)?

Bonus points for Powershell syntax ....

=> "Rollback component tcm:1-123" to version 8"

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In powershell:

Import-Module "Tridion-CoreService"

# rollback
$client = Get-TridionCoreServiceClient
$client.Rollback("tcm:1-123-v8", $false, "rolling back", $null)

The Core Service has a "Rollback" method:

VersionedItemData Rollback(
    TcmUri id,
    bool deleteVersions,
    string comment,
    ReadOptions readBackOptions

id - The identifier of the VersionedItemData to rollback. The identifier must be a TCM URI including the version to rollback to.

deleteVersions - Specifies whether to delete all versions after the given version or to create a new version which is a copy of the given version.

comment - Comment for the specified version. Usually used to list references to items that no longer exists. Maybe null or "".

readBackOptions - Specifies how the VersionedItemData is read back after rolling back. If the parameter is null, the object is not read back.

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