I have an embedded schema for a STUB component metadata field which has 4 fields and marked as "Allow Multiple Values", along-with other fields in SDL Tridion. I am using SDL Tridion Web 9.0.

The STUB component metadata is blank initially. I am using a save event handler in SDL Tridion to populate this metadata from External Metadata of ECL component. I am using EmbeddedSchemaField to hold initial metadata field for the embedded field, but I am unable to populate the ItemFields inside the EmbeddedSchemaField while saving. I am using the following code to initially hold blank field from collection of metadata Fields of my component.

_images = ((EmbeddedSchemaField)metadataFields["Images"]);

where metadataFields is the metadata fields collection.

While trying to add values to the ItemFields inside, I am trying to use

IList<ItemFields> _imagesFields = _images.Values;

but it gives me Count = 0. So I am unable to do anything with this any further. Any suggestions/hints will be very very appreciated.

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EmbeddedSchemaField.Values is a collection of ItemFields objects (one for each value). If you have an optional embedded field, it will initially not have any values, so indeed EmbeddedSchemaField.Values.Count = 0

You can add values to the collection, though:

Schema embeddedSchema = ((EmbeddedSchemaFieldDefinition)embeddedField.Definition).EmbeddedSchema;
ItemFields embeddedFields = new ItemFields(embeddedSchema);
  • Thanks! But how do I get the embeddedSchema? Sorry may be I sound foolish here but this is what I did: ItemFields metadataFields = new ItemFields(subject.Metadata, subject.MetadataSchema); where subject is my STUB component. and then I tried to capture the optional Images field, which is the embedded schema field as _images = ((EmbeddedSchemaField)metadataFields["Images"]); So how should I get the emdedded schema of this field?
    – Sankar
    Oct 8, 2020 at 8:32
  • I have updated the example to make this clear. Oct 8, 2020 at 19:17
  • Hello Rick, thanks for updating. However, I have used ItemFields to get all metadata fields and ItemFieldDefinition does not contain any definition of EmbeddedSchema. So your example is not working for me. This is my code snippet: private EmbeddedSchemaField _images; //Get metadata XML for stub component first ItemFields metadataFields = new ItemFields(subject.Metadata, subject.MetadataSchema); _images = ((EmbeddedSchemaField)metadataFields["Images"]); Can you please advise?
    – Sankar
    Oct 9, 2020 at 5:03
  • Updated the example again. :-) I’m sorry, I currently can’t check if the code compiles, but this is the general idea. Oct 9, 2020 at 9:54
  • Thanks a lot Rick. It works!!
    – Sankar
    Oct 9, 2020 at 12:32

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