I need to implement some logic before saving/localizing/unlocalizing a Component. The logic would be the same so I use a GUI extension where I mentioned all commands:

    <ext:command name="Save" extendingcommand="AdditionalProcess" />
    <ext:command name="SaveClose" extendingcommand="AdditionalProcess" />
    <ext:command name="Localize" extendingcommand="AdditionalProcess" />
    <ext:command name="UnLocalize" extendingcommand="AdditionalProcess" />

Once additional process done, I need to execute the command which has been extended. For example:

return $cme.getCommand("Save")._execute(selection, pipeline);

Question: How can I set parameter "Save" or "Localize" or "UnLocalize" based on the triggered event?

Or Simply, how Can I find in JS the Command which has been triggered enter image description here

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You can't.

What I ended up doing a long time ago when I had the same need was to have a different extension for each command, then:

  1. Set a variable with the name of the command the user called (this.properties.CommandCalled="Save") or something along those lines
  2. Call a "central" function which had the logic I wanted to execute
  3. In that "central" function, have some logic to alter the behavior based on the value of CommandCalled

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