Made Picture schema which contains attibutes to image for Webp and Jpeg.

  • When I use that in Article and have a component link to it it works.
  • When I use it in Article and have Embedded schema Paragraph and have a component link to Picture it works.
  • When I use it in Article and have schema Contact as a component link and in that it as a component link to (same component) Picture it is NOT RESOLVED.

In CMS with preview page you have to see something like this:

"BinaryContent": {"Url": "/Preview/Images/my-contact.webp","FileName": "my-contact.webp","FileSize": 3332,"MimeType": "image/webp"

Other fields in that same schema are filled. So only the images is not present as BinaryContent.

DXA resolver is installed with depth 50.
Is it a wrong installation or .. ?


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Settting expandLinkDepth 2->3 fixed it.

\100 Master\Building Blocks\Framework\Developer\Templates\DXA.R2\Render Page Content

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