Pagemodel with default properties contains

{PageModel: 417519 ('Home pagina')}

ExtensionData: null
HasNoCacheAttribute: false
HtmlClasses: "hom_"
Id: "417519"
IsVolatile: false
Meta: Count = 6
MvcData: {mymodule:Page:HomePage}

What statement can I use to get Page.HtmlClasses within Razor component view ?

Next statement doesn't works (need value from Page model)


Example for extending tile-id. Next statement works


                <bgl-tile tile-title="@tegel.Title"

second question:

Can I declare within Razor Page view variable or extend the page model with property and use that later in Razor component view?

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Region and Entity Views primarily work on Region and Entity Models, respectively.

However, both have access to the entire context Page Model through the WebRequestContext.PageModel property.

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