I am going to set vanity links in DXA application. The vanity links are updated dynamically so we are managing that in Tridion Component. We use that Component data to create Alias.config file and put that in root DXA application folder and use IIS Rewrite Module to handle the vanity links. But this works only for the parent site like ABC.com. When we are launching another geo site like abc.com/aa the same set of vanity link does not work there. For that we have to add again new set of vanity link like below:

For abc.com : <add key="/vanity1" value="/target1/" />

For abc.com/aa : <add key="/aa/vanity1" value="/aa/target1/" />

As we have multiple geo sites, if we go with this solution we have to add a lot of such duplicate entries. Also this will increase the size of alias.config file and may cause the application to break.

Can any one guide me with the solution for such problem.

**We are using a single Web application to handle all geo requests.


Why do you think the application will break with size increase of the config file? I'd seen huuuuge files and the module continued working with no issues at all.

As for the urls and rules, personally I'd use Regex in the rules for both matching and rewriting.

  • The default size of alias.config in Microsoft server is set to 256KB. If the file size goes beyond that the site will go down. – Manas.p Jan 5 at 17:31
  • We have set regx. But as per the requirement we have a lot of vanity which are not falling in any kind of rule. The vanity links for marketing – Manas.p Jan 5 at 17:32

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