We have a configuration for prod with to boxes:

  • One for CME
  • One for Publisher

Using AddOn we want to deploy a CustomResolver and an EventHandler that affects both boxes.

How we have to configure AddOn to "register" both servers?

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If you already installed CME and Publisher servers then try the following script to add
Enabling Add-ons Service integration with existing Content Manager servers


.\EnableAddOnService.ps1 -AddOnServiceUrl http://
localhost:83 -AccessManagementUrl http://localhost:85/access-management/connect/token -ClientId fc96aed3-b20e-4dd3-a345-
81e4393224c3 -ClientSecret aZL7QrEM5XRfbLYv6Z5s781gzamqGM0sp2dUfot4y4ljadRN5kxX5A==

I hope it helps

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