When I try to update the nuget package for Sdl.Web.Delivery (8.5.1041 to 11.5.1045) I get an error:

Unable to find a version of 'StackExchange.Redis.StrongName' that is compatible with 'Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Redis 2.2.0 constraint: StackExchange.Redis.StrongName (>= 1.2.6)'

When I try to upgrade the StackExchange.Redis.StrongName (1.1.605 to 1.2.6) which by the way is Deprecated I get the following error:

Unable to resolve dependencies. 'Sdl.ECommerce.Formatting 1.2.0-preview-24' is not compatible with 'Sdl.ECommerce.Dxa 1.2.0-preview-31 constraint: Sdl.ECommerce.Formatting (>= 1.2.0)'
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    It was not a tridion issue , customer fixed the issue by updating the dependency and also .net version – Anand NS Apr 1 at 12:57

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