How can we check for duplicate multimedia file using Event System when user save a multimedia file we need to send a warning message which shows the file you are uploading is already in use .

The reason we would like to do this is we are now adding tcm values to CSS and JS file to avoid the publishing issue for using same file name , but for PDF files we kept the same name as we upload on to CMS .

Please share your thoughts on how to go about.

We are running SDL web 8.5 and we would to have this working even if we upgrade to Sites 9.5

  • What have you tried or researched so far? I'd start by setting up a basic Event System setup to listen for save and go from there. You may want to consider other events as well as well as a different way to check for any duplicates that currently exist. – Alvin Reyes Apr 2 at 23:17
  • you can use this link for sending notification -> tridion.stackexchange.com/questions/20523/… – Anand NS Apr 8 at 17:55

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