Officially supported

I understand older versions of Tridion Sites had their own version of Translation Manager automation through the Translation Manager API and the Plugin System. More recently, implementers can use the Event System for creating or changing Translation Jobs automatically.

So the proper way to use Translation Manager to send or receive jobs would be to create or otherwise automatically adjust Translation Jobs.

Use cases

However, I'm seeing requests and ideas to somehow send Tridion items directly to the translation management system (e.g. TMS) outside of a job for the sake of integrations. For example, you might want to route translations through other systems, combining multiple content and translation systems. I'm also hearing about interest in preserving translation memories without necessarily using Translation Review.


Is it possible to somehow use Translation Manager to create the file formats needed for TMS, for example, outside of creating a Translation Job?

In other words, are there public methods in the Translation Manager APIs to convert a Tridion Component in XML into the .cmp format for ITS for Components or the other item types?

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