We need to get all the normal keywords inside the abstract keywords: for example we have 2 normal keywords hotelA and HotelB:

  • hotel(category)
  • United States (abstract keyword)
    • North Dokota (abstract keyword)
      • Fargo(abstract keyword)
        • HotelA (normal keyword)
        • HotelB (normal keyword)

How can we get keyword of hotelA and HotelB using the tcm id of United States using coreservice client?

  • Binod , Can you please share your tridion version if possible. – Anand NS May 4 at 11:34
  • Also - what did you try thus far? What challenges are you experiencing? – Dylan .. Mark Saunders May 4 at 12:07
  • currently we are using tridion version 8.5 @AnandNS – Binod May 4 at 12:20
  • we are trying to get the hotel information using country keywords @Dylan..MarkSaunders – Binod May 4 at 12:22
  • What I mean, @Binod, is can you indicate what interaction you've already tried with the Core services? was it prompted from other suggestions in TREX, from Blogs etc.? what results did it yield? – Dylan .. Mark Saunders May 5 at 13:23

In general, to get a list of items related to some subject, you can use the Core Service methods GetList (returns Data Objects) or GetListXml (returns so-called R5 XML).

Specifically, to get a list of child Keywords, you use one of those methods in combination with a filter of type ChildKeywordsFilterData.

If you only want to get the "normal"/"concrete" (i.e. not abstract) Keywords, you can specify ChildKeywordsFilterData.IsAbstract = false.

  • as we need to find the normal keyword nested inside another abstract keywords ChildKeywordsFilterData will only get the keywords inside level one only – Binod yesterday

the solution which i have written will be a recursive function which is not effective but it works.

public static IEnumerable<XElement> getChildKeywords(string tcmId)
                var normalkeywordFilter = new ChildKeywordsFilterData() { IsAbstract = false };
                var normalKeywords = client.GetListXml(tcmId, normalkeywordFilter).Elements().ToList();
                if (normalKeywords.Count() != 0) return normalKeywords;
                var allabstractKeywords = con.client.GetListXml(tcmId, new ChildKeywordsFilterData() { IsAbstract = true }).Elements().ToList();
                foreach (var el in allabstractKeywords)
                return normalKeywords;

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