Do we have setup instructions as what project(s) need to be downloaded for compiling dd4t.merged.dll so that this can be uploaded into Tridion CMS 9.5

we got older version which I believe followed something similar like DD4T - Generate DD4T.Templates.merged.dll using ILMerge manually

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If you just need the latest version of the DD4T templates without modifying any code (as I would recommend), you can simply download the latest (2.5) release here: https://github.com/dd4t/DD4T.TridionTemplates/releases. The templates work with Tridion 9.5.

If you want to build a custom set of DD4T-compatible templates, just reference the latest release of the DD4T.Templates.Base Nuget package and create one or more classes extending BasePageTemplate or BaseComponentTemplate. Use ilmerge (e.g. in a post-build action) to create a merged DLL, which you can upload to Tridion using TcmUploadAssembly.exe. The instructions in DD4T - Generate DD4T.Templates.merged.dll using ILMerge manually are still valid.

  • Good Morning Quirijn Thank you. We did customization before. So we cannot uplaod merged.dll as-is. for example, DD4T.Utils\Resolver\DefaultLinkResolver.cs was updated last time. Sorry for all caps below. we got DD4T.CONTENTMODEL, DD4T.CONTENTMODEL.CONTRACTS, DD4T.CORECONTRACTS DD4T.FACTORIES DD4T.PROVIDERS.SDLTRIDION2013SP1 DD4T.UTILS DD4T.VIEWMODELS PLUS SDL.WEB.COMMMON (STARTUP PROJECT) SDL.WEB.MVC SDL.WEB.TRIDION How do we get all of these updated? Kind Regards, Sep 13 at 8:08

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