Environment: 1. Server A: Tridion site 9.6 + CD + DXA .NET 2.2.9 (Staging site)
                 2. Server B: CD + DXA Java 2.2.3 (Live)

Website : 400 example publication, the whole publication published to Staging and Live successed. the page preview on Staging and Live both correctly.

website: 500 website which I created inherit 400 example publication. (400 publicaiton is parent of 500 website). nothing new component or page. all the content same as 400 website. I published 500 website to Staging and Live environment all successed. then I previewed page on Live site, it shows correctly, the whole page show as expected.

But when I view the same page on Staging site. the page cannot show correctly. css and js cannot be loaded so the page style showing not as expected. see attched screenshot.

enter image description here

As checked further, the issue only happend on DXA .NET environment NOT on DXA Java. the configuration should not have problem. see below DXA site.log trace log when issue happen. /500/system/assets folder not exist in Binary folder. (I should say it not be generated.)

Tried all kinds of ways but this issue still exist. Trace stie.log

  • Obvious first counter-question: did you publish the Site Configuration page from the 500 publication? It's in the System structure group.
    – Quirijn
    Nov 13, 2022 at 16:21
  • Hi Quirijn, thanks for comment. Yes, I Published the whole 500 publication which included system structure group. the same published to staging and live. live environment show as expected. but dxa .net staging environment not works.
    – Brian
    Nov 14, 2022 at 2:58


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