I have this query with which I can get the ancestors and the complete subtree from a node. This works correctly to get a breadcrumb. But in cases where the current node has too many children the response is slower. I just need the current node and ancestors only.

sitemapSubtree(namespaceId: 1, publicationId: 9, taxonomyNodeId: "t99-k999999", ancestor: INCLUDE) {
   // ...

In java I see things like this: https://github.com/RWS/dxa-web-application-java/blob/fab57d17e81574bf59bba76be1f8a636a404b038/dxa-model-service-client/src/main/resources/dxa.modules.ms.properties


Or this one:

public class NavigationFilter {

    public static final NavigationFilter DEFAULT = new NavigationFilter();

    private boolean withAncestors;

    private int descendantLevels = 1;

How can I get only the ancestors and not include the descendants from graphql query? Is there a way to specify descendantLevels: [NOT_INCLUDE | NONE | 0]? Another query without subtree like as sitemapTree()?

Thanks a lot


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