I saw that there are different method to create a component using core service and a client like SessionAwareCoreServiceClient.

what is the main difference between .Save() and .Create() ?

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Create is used to create new items only. It will perform Save + CheckIn.

Save can be used to create new, or save existing items. It will not check-out or check item in

Update will execute CheckOut + Save + CheckIn


If you do a create, you're actually creating a brand new item. If you do a save, you're either saving an existing item, or saving the new item that you've created.

Short answer, but I hope it clears up the confusion.

  • So save is working with new components or updated components. So everytime we have to create or update a component we have to use the Save() at the end ?
    – Giu Do
    Commented Jul 18, 2013 at 7:23

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