I have a requirement similar to this question: Disable Experience Manager (XPM) DXA 2.0 Java, for specific CT

Rick has mentioned in his answer to create a custom model builder to achieve this. However, I cannot find any online rws docs/tutorials on creating a custom model builder.

Also, once we create a custom model builder, where do we need to register this custom model builder in a JAVA application?

How will this model builder be picked up by dxa framework?

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DXA 2.x allows you to customize Model Building both on CM-side and on CD-side. In this particular case (customizing XPM metadata), you can choose either side, because XPM metadata is generated on CM-side.

Online documentation for customizing/extending DXA in general can be found here: https://docs.rws.com/784837/314608/sdl-digital-experience-accelerator-2-2/customizing-and-extending-------------dxa

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