I am new to Tridion. I am asking how to render ComponentPresentation into another ComponentPresentation so that the contents will appear in the page. I have this enter image description here written on the template building block of the main component hoping to render the contents of the second one. I often have error in publishing the page. How should this be done? Thank you.

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    In principle it should be possible to do something like this, but the signature of RenderComponentPresentation is public string RenderComponentPresentation(string componentUri, string templateUri), so it expects two strings representing Component and Template TCM URI. What error do you get? Please check the Tridion Event Log for detailed error info. Commented Feb 7 at 8:56
  • Welcome to Tridion Stack Exchange! As a quick tip, the Content Manager reports errors that come from templating typically as "rendering" issue. You can also check which Pages would have an issue during publishing by previewing the Page with the problematic Page Template in the Content Manager. Commented Feb 7 at 19:21


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