I am trying to find a list of bundles that contain a spcific component/page, I could not find a sample code, I searched the core services API doc, I found ContainingBundlesListInfo but I don't know how to use it.

any help is appreciated

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please stop using WhereUsed for everything, it's quite heavy list and it affects performance a lot. There's a special filter to show bundles that contain the current item: ContainingBundlesFilterData.

string componentId = "tcm:5-4081";

CoreServiceClient channel = new CoreServiceClient();

ContainingBundlesFilterData filter = new ContainingBundlesFilterData();

var bundles = channel.GetList(componentId, filter);

There are also many nice properties on that filter.


This source code, will give you the list of bundles

string componentId = "tcm:5-4081";

CoreServiceClient channel = new CoreServiceClient();

UsingItemsFilterData filter = new UsingItemsFilterData();
filter.ItemTypes = new ItemType[] { ItemType.VirtualFolder };

XElement xBundles = channel.GetListXml(componentId, filter);

I imagine you will find it with a UsingItems filter


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