When I try to save a component using core service, the request works, but on the dashboard I find this :

enter image description here

And then, I have to save the component to be sure.

Here is the code I use :

using (var tridion = new CoreServiceAgent())
            componentToCreate = tridion.Client.GetDefaultData(ItemType.Component, ConfigurationContainerId) as ComponentData;
            componentToCreate.Title = itemNumber.ToString();
            componentToCreate.Schema = new LinkToSchemaData { IdRef = "tcm:179-277976-8" };

            schemaFields = tridion.Client.ReadSchemaFields("tcm:174-277976-8", true, new ReadOptions());

            Fields fields = new Fields(schemaFields, schemaFields.Fields, componentToCreate.Content, "Configuration");

            componentToCreate.Content = fields.OuterXml;
            tridion.Client.Save(componentToCreate, new ReadOptions());

CoreServiceAgent is a sort of "Facade" to the CoreServiceAgent.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advance

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This happens because when you Save you are only creating a minor version of the component. If you call tridion.Client.CheckIn then you'll have a major version and it won't show like that (and it won't be checked out).

Even better, you could use the tridion.Client.Create method, which will save and checkin the new item.

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