I am trying to get the publish info of a page for a particular version. I am trying something like below. I am passing the tcmId of the page fro a particular version. The Publish info is same(latest info) for all version.

 var pageObject = client.Read("tcm:10-2676-64-v10", null) as PageData;
    var pageObject1 = client.Read("tcm:10-2676-64-v99", null) as PageData;

    if (pageObject != null)
        var pubInfo = client.GetListPublishInfo(pageObject.Id);
    if (pageObject1 != null)

        var pubInfo1 = client.GetListPublishInfo(pageObject1.Id);

Is there a way to get the publish info for a particular version of a page ?


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No, there isn't. Tridion does not keep version-specific PublishInfo. It relates to the object, not to a specific version.

You would have to add this info yourself - for instance with ApplicationData and a custom event handler - if you need to track it.

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