I'm looking for a solution to get the (BluePrint) parent of a Publication based on its TCM URI, could you help me ?

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Just use the Core Service Read method, to read in the data of a Publication, and check its Parents property:

var pubData = (PublicationData)client.Read("tcm:0-6-1", new ReadOptions());
foreach (var parent in pubData.Parents)
    string parentUri = parent.IdRef;

Please note there can be multiple BluePrint parents for a Publication. You can find the Core Service API guide for 2011 on http://sdltridionworld.com under downloads/documentation/SDLTridion2011 (requires login)

  • That's all I needed, I'll read the guide, thanks
    – Giu Do
    Aug 9, 2013 at 12:20

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