We can access SDL Tridion User details through the UserData object, but can we also create Users and assign Roles using Core Services in 2011?

  • Yes - of course you can. If you have tried this and had trouble, please let us know what you tried and what the problems were. Commented Aug 13, 2013 at 6:51

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Of course you can:

var user = (UserData) ClientAdmin.GetDefaultData(ItemType.User, null, new ReadOptions());
user.Title = "domain\\user";
user.Description = "My new user";

user.GroupMemberships = new[]
    new GroupMembershipData
        Group = new LinkToGroupData {IdRef = groupId},
        Scope = new[]
            new LinkWithIsEditableToRepositoryData { IdRef = publication1Id },
            new LinkWithIsEditableToRepositoryData { IdRef = publication2Id },
user = (UserData) ClientAdmin.Create(user, new ReadOptions());

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