Any ideas please share. It will be very helpful


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You can of course simply publish the page used for your mailing to your website, however, theres going to be a bunch of stuff in there that doesn't make sense to be on the web (the text version of the email), or doesn't work (the merge fields like [*Name*] etc.).

One approach could be to have a TBB which strips the inappropriate stuff like text version, and converts the personalization parts into JSP tags/.NET controls. You are of course going to have to write these personalization tags/controls yourself using the Audience Manager API, and if your mailing relies on target groups to personalize the content, you will need to replicate the target group definitions in your website.

In summary, its not simple, but not impossible... however I would think about having the web version non-personalized, as that will make things much much easier.


The documentation (requires login) explains you can use DWT functions (like GetLinkTrackingURL("tcm:uri" or 'URL', 'URLName') to transform URLs to trackable links) in your modular email templates as well as how to personalize emails with merge fields.

Will Price adds additional useful Outbound Email functionality with this extension.

"View in Browser" is basically a link to your page, either hard-coded or resolved with dynamic linking and a little help from Will's extension to get an absolute url.

I agree with Jonathan that it'll help to know where you're stuck.

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