I have a requirement in one of my Tridion UI extension work to call the API methods getListComponentPresentations and getAllComponentPresentations.

I want to know whats is the differences between the above two methods, in terms of object they return, and in terms of performance which one is better?

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getListComponentPresentations is the Tridion.ContentManager.Page method which returns the Tridion.ContentManager.ListComponentPresentations object, which is a collection of Tridion.ContentManager.ComponentPresentation.

This is the list of Page Component Presentations (Associated with a page. Those which you adding in CME page dialog)


getAllComponentPresentations is the Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.SiteEdit.Model.Page method, which returns a collection of Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.SiteEdit.Model.ComponentPresentation.

This is the list of Page Component Presentations which is collected from published Page.

For instance when CP is embedded on a page from page template, then it will be retrieved with getAllComponentPresentations but not in getListComponentPresentations.

The difference between Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.SiteEdit.Model.ComponentPresentation and Tridion.ContentManager.ComponentPresentation is that the Tridion.Web.UI.Editors.SiteEdit.Model.ComponentPresentation is more like the set of componentID + componentTemplateId properties, when Tridion.ContentManager.ComponentPresentation is an domain model object.

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