I have implemented the Workflow using core-service in Tridion 2011. and i was able to debug the code by attaching the process cm_wf_svc.exe. recently the Tridion version is being upgraded to 2013 and the Workflow is working fine, but now if i am trying to debug the code by attaching the process TcmWorkflowAgent.exe, the execution is not stopping at the breakpoint and i am not able to Debug the code. can you please help me on this.

Steps i have used:

  1. Build Solution
  2. Stop the Tridion Workflow Service from the Windows Services
  3. Copy the compiled DLL’s to the <>/yawf
  4. Register the Workflow.dll C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>Regasm.exe /codebase D:\Tridion\YAWF\Workflow.dll
  5. Start the Tridion Workflow Service from the Windows Services
  6. From the Visual studio click on Debug and attach it to the Tridion Workflow Service(TcmWorkflowAgent.exe)
  7. Set the Breakpoint
  8. On the Tridion Content Manager Explorer, Create/Edit a component that is attached to the workflow process and save the component

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In Tridion 2013 you do not need YAWF anymore, you can directly write CoreService codes in script window, or even have external compiled activity being executed. In order to understand why it does not, you need to know that since 2013 the TcmWorkflowAgent.exe hands over the execution of legacy scripts to LegacyScriptExecutor which is hosted in Tridion COM+ application. You might wonder that your scripts were written in CoreService hence not legacy, but, the YAWF is based on legacy TOM API which then has a wrapper to write .NET codes. So, in order for your legacy scripts to work, you need to attach to Tridion COM+ Application which is dllhst3g.exe. So, if you are using legacy 'VBScript' 'Automatic Scripts' then attach to dllhst3g.exe otherwise attach to TcmWorkflowAgent.exe.

  • Hi Likhan, Thank you very much. i attached the process to dllhst3g.exe and now i am able to debug. thanks once again
    – Sunil
    Sep 3, 2013 at 10:05
  • @Sunil please accept the answer if it has addressed the question.
    – Likhan
    Sep 3, 2013 at 11:27

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