I am trying to alter a user's group memberships using the Tridion Core Service. I have a UserData object, so I can get their current GroupMemberships.

I am having trouble adding GroupMemberships to the user's account. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Could you perhaps provide more information as to what did you tried? what worked? what didn't? errors, stack traces, etc? Sep 30, 2013 at 21:17

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You basically need to add/remove a GroupMemebershipData to your user's GroupMemberships[] data array. Then save user data.

I tried the following code on my T2013 instance and it adds a group membership to the current user (client is an instance of SessionAwareCoreServiceClient):

UserData user = client.GetCurrentUser();
List<GroupMembershipData> groups = new List<GroupMembershipData>(user.GroupMemberships);
GroupMembershipData newGroup = new GroupMembershipData() {
    Group = new LinkToGroupData() {
        IdRef = "tcm:0-10-65568"

user.GroupMemberships = groups.ToArray();

client.Save(user, readOptions);

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