I have created a new editor for SDL Tridion which adds some new functionality to the ribbon bar. This is enabled by adding the following snippet to the editor.config

    <!-- ItemCommenting PowerTool -->
    <ext:extension assignid="ItemCommenting" name="Save and&lt;br/&gt;Comment" pageid="HomePage" groupid="ManageGroup" insertbefore="SaveCloseBtn">
      <ext:title>Save and Comment</ext:title>
        <ext:view name="*" />

This is applied to all views by using a wildcard value in the node. This has results in my new button being added to the ribbon of every view, including the main dashboard. Is there a way to add this to all views except for the dashboard? Or do I have to create something like this?

        <ext:view name="PageView" />
        <ext:view name="ComponentView" />
        <ext:view name="SchemaView" />

If this is the only way to achieve the result I need, is there a list of all the view names somewhere?

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There's no way to define exceptions, but you can use some of the general views that apply to multiple items.

In this case, I think you can use EditorView in combination with the MainToolbar control:

<ext:view name="EditorView">
  <ext:control id="MainToolbar"/>

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