I am trying to use GetList to return all the users in a group, as below:

client.GetList(id, new GroupMembersFilterData())

However, I get the exception

{"Unexpected list type: Tridion.ContentManager.Data.Security.GroupMembersFilterData."}

When I use

client.GetListXml(id, new GroupMembersFilterData())

It works! Can anyone explain?

Normally I would probably use Xml anyway, but as I was doing a quick POC I thought I would make it easier and use objects.

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The Content Manager Core Service API Reference Guide shows ICoreService2011.GetList takes two parameters:

  1. TCM URI (or WebDAV URL) as a string
  2. a Tridion.ContentManager.Data.SubjectRelatedListFilterData filter

However, there's a remark that "Currently only OrganizationalItemAncestorsFilterData filter is supported."

The SubjectRelatedListFilterData (abstract) class's inheritance includes:

  • BluePrintChainFilterData
  • CategoryRelatedFilterData
  • ClassifiedItemsFilterData
  • DeletedReferencesFilterData
  • ItemsFilterData
  • KeywordRelatedFilterData
  • OrganizationalItemAncestorsFilterData
  • OrganizationalItemsFilterData
  • PathToCategoryFilterData
  • RepositoryRelatedFilterData
  • TaxonomiesFilterData
  • VersionsFilterData
  • GroupMembersFilterData
  • WhereUsedFilterData

Long list short, use GetListXml() for any filter that isn't an OrganizationalItemAncestorsFilterData for SDL Tridion 2011.

Update: in at least SDL Tridion 2013, you should be able to get back objects on most filters.

ICoreService2012.GetList's updated remark notes that just TaxonomiesOwlFilterData is not supported.


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