I'd like to distinguish between a scheduled unpublish action and an immediate unpublish action via the Event System. Is this possible?

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In the UnPublishEventArgs there is a member UnPublishInstruction. This will have a property - StartAt - If StartAt property is set to DateTime.MinValue that means the Unpublishing is scheduled for Immediate unpublish and if it is set to a particular datetime, that means it is schedule to unpublish at some other time.

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Of course. UnPublishEventArgs has property UnPublishInstruction which in turn has StartAt. So if StartAt is set - it's scheduled action

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    One small correction - the StartAt will always be set to some value - If it is set to DateTime.MinValue then the unpublishing is immediate and if it set to any other particular datetime, then it is schedule for some later time :) Commented Oct 11, 2013 at 8:45

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