I am trying to grab a multimedia component which is linked as a parameter to a TBB. Typically I am just grabbing strings passed in as parameters such as below, however I am unable to find a way to do the same for components.

String value = package.GetValue("inputValue");

I have tried to get the value from the properties (as shown below), with no luck.

string xsltComponentId = xsltMMComponentItem.Properties[Item.ItemPropertyTcmUri];
Component xsltMMComponent = (Component)engine.GetObject(xsltComponentId);

Also tried to get it AsSource:

string xsltComponentId = xsltMMComponentItem.GetAsSource().GetValue("ID");
Component xsltMMComponent = (Component)engine.GetObject(xsltComponentId);

If someone could give me some guidance as to how I can get the component link, it would be appreciated.


If a component is linked as a parameter you never get the item as a component object, using Package.GetValue("name in schema") will return the string ID of the component.

From there you can use the engine.GetObject(tcmid) to get the object.

Hope this helps xxx

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Do this way:

String ID = Package.GetValue("inputValue");
Component component = (Component)mEngine.GetObject(ID);

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