When working with the Core Service I am loading item XML that has Keywords inside and I need to replace some Keywords with others. Unfortunately the XML lists only the keyword name and not the tcm link to the Keyword item.

How can I get the Keyword object from the XML?

OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData filter = new OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData
    ItemTypes = new[] { ItemType.Page }
filter.Recursive = true;

var pageXml = client.GetListXml(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SgTcmId"], filter);

//loop through each item and find out if it is the product we want
foreach (var pageElem in pageXml.Elements())
    string id = pageElem.Attribute("ID").Value;
    var pageData = (PageData)client.TryCheckOut(id, null);
    //...quick-and-dirty code for my eyes only...

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Nuno had started this topic for Tom.net in another question: Getting additional keyword information from item Xml?. It's the same for Core Service.

Need to use LoadFlags as follows:

ReadOptions readOptions = new ReadOptions();
readOptions.LoadFlags = LoadFlags.KeywordXlinks;


var pageData = (PageData)client.TryCheckOut(id, readOptions);

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