I need to get the next activity definitions on a TridionActivityDefinitionData object using Core Service in Tridion 2011 SP1. My activity definition object represents an automatic activity with 2 next activities.

My problem is that using the code below, the property NextActivityDefinitions is null:

TridionActivityDefinitionData tridionActivityDefinition =
    client.Read("tcm:21-443-131088", readOptions) as TridionActivityDefinitionData;

I tried with simple readOptions:

ReadOptions readOptions = new ReadOptions()

but also with other flags. Still I get back null.

readOptions.LoadFlags = LoadFlags.Expanded | LoadFlags.IncludeAllowedActions |
    LoadFlags.KeywordXlinks | LoadFlags.WebDavUrls;

API doc says:

“Field Value: Will be null if the Activity Definition is read stand-alone. In the context of a Process Definition it will be set. The collection should be empty if this represents the last activity or it should contain exactly one activity, unless this represents a decision. Note that the next activity should be identified (linked) by title, not by Id.”

So my question is, how do I read the Activity Definition in context of a Process Definition using Core Service?

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Will be null if the Activity Definition is read stand-alone. In the context of a Process Definition it will be set

is not quite clear. This mean, that when you read ActivityDefinition only basic data will be read, but if you read ProcessDefinition - you will get all data (PD data, activities Data + nextActivities).

So, you need something like this:

var ad = (TridionActivityDefinitionData)client.Read("tcm:98-373-131088", 
var pd = (TridionProcessDefinitionData)client.Read(ad.ProcessDefinition.IdRef, 
var resultActivity = (TridionActivityDefinitionData)pd.ActivityDefinitions
                                                      .First(x => x.Title == ad.Title);

Btw, I've tried on the current Tridion version (2013SP1) your code and it already works(for next activity only id and title are read).

  • Indeed it works (also in Tridion 2011). I'll accept this answer. Thanks for the code sample. Commented Nov 21, 2013 at 3:42
  • I meant, that your code (in top message) works now in 2013 SP1 - behaviour was changed and NextActivityDefinitions are read on reading AD.
    – Syav4eg
    Commented Nov 21, 2013 at 11:12

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