I have a custom deployer extension and a configuration file with some of the parameters required for the extension. The custom extension checks if the component exists in a table in the database, if not, it is inserted, if yes then the LastUpdate date is changed.

This is what the cd_deployer_conf.xml file looks like:

<Processor Action="Deploy" Class="com.tridion.deployer.Processor">
<Module Class="com.SomeClass.tridion.deployer.CacheFlusher" Type="CacheFlusher">

In the java class, the code to get these parameters & establish the connection to the database is :

String strServerName = config.getAttribute("ServerName");
String strDataBaseName = config.getAttribute("DataBaseName");
String strUserName = config.getAttribute("UserName");
String strPassword = config.getAttribute("Password");

Connection cnnConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(
    String.format("jdbc:sqlserver://%s;databaseName=%s", strServerName, strDataBaseName),

However, whenever I deploy, this is the error that I get in the logs.

ERROR CacheFlusher - com.tridion.configuration.ConfigurationException: No attribute found for: ServerName.

What am I doing wrong ?

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.

  • Can you add some more info? I.e. which class/interface is your module extending/implementing? Which method are you implementing? What is object config? Nov 25, 2013 at 19:19
  • Thanks Mihai, Config object is configuration public CacheFlusher(Configuration config, Processor processor) throws ConfigurationException { super(config, processor); } We are trying to extend. public void process(TransportPackage data) throws ProcessingException { Did I answer your questions correctly? Nov 25, 2013 at 19:45

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The Configuration object is context sensitive. This means it represents a certain node in your configuration file. AFAIK, the default node is the Module node itself. So you have to read a child node (e.g. ServerName) and then read some of its attributes.

You will need to use the following methods:

  • Configuration.getChild()
  • Configuration.getAttribute()

I suggest to rewrite the configuration XML to the following:

<Module Class="com.SomeClass.tridion.deployer.CacheFlusher" Type="CacheFlusher">
    <ServerName Value="SomeServer" />
    <DataBaseName Value="SomeDB" />
    <UserName Value="SomeUser" />
    <Password Value="Password" />

then some sample code would be:

Configuration serverConfig = config.getChild("ServerName");
String serverName = serverConfig.getAttribute("Value");

For completeness you could also check for the existence of certain nodes/attribtues using methods:

  • Configuration.hasChild()
  • Configuration.hasAttribute()
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    Thanks for the solution Mihai! You are awesome! My log file is now error free after I made all the changes. Nov 25, 2013 at 21:36

Instead of:


Try this to specify your custom parameters:

    <Property Name="ServerName" Value="SomeServer" />
    <Property Name="DataBaseName" Value="SomeDB" />
    <Property Name="UserName" Value="SomeUser" />
    <Property Name="Password" Value="Password" />
  • Thanks Nickoli. I still get the same errors after I made these config changes and restarted the deployer website. Nov 25, 2013 at 19:44

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